3 Reusable Thermal Packs

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3 Reusable Thermal Packs

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The reusable thermal packs by Rigpacks brings the best of both worlds. Weather you are sweating in the heat of the summer or freezing in the arctic, we got your back! These thermal packs are built to fit in the back pouch of our patented Stillframe handheld support and are boilable, freezable and microwavable. Keep them in a thermos of hot or cold water, stash them in a cooler on set or toss one in a microwave at craft service and then throw it in the pouch when you're in need of a change in temperature. 

Take a Load Off

Our adjustable elbow rests are manufactured from
custom molded nylon and locally machined steel parts. No matter the length of your arms, size the supports to fix your elbows in and relieve the muscle pressure that can build during normal operation.

Tactical Comfort

We know how great your favorite shirt feels like an
old friend every time you wear it, and our team of experts worked tirelessly to bring that level of comfort to the Stillframe.

Breathable, lightweight ballistic nylon fabric construction makes the harness a dream to slip on and carry for a while, without sacrificing the sturdiness you need to safely haul all your gear. Every shoot will seem like Casual Friday, but you’ll always be ready to get down to business

Over-Stuffed, Not Over-Thought

As plush as your pillow, we packed a ton of cushion into our elbow rests and shoulder rests. Available in both top-grain leather and crushed velvet (vegan), they provide a comfortable home that you might never want to leave. And that’s OK, because you can stay strapped in for a while without ever worrying about pad compression.

Chill Out … Or Warm Up

From the Outback to the alpine, sometimes you find yourself in extreme environments for a long day looking through a lens. Our modular rear pouch has you covered. Engineered to easily accommodate a handy hot/cold pack, you can microwave it to provide long-lasting warmth that’ll keep you cozy or throw it in the freezer for a much-needed blast of chill. 

Stay Hydrated

Keep your eye out for our upcoming neoprene hydration bladder with an antimicrobial insulated hose for 2L of hydration, when your hands have more important things to do than hold a water bottle.

Stow Your Stuff

Stretch front pockets on each shoulder strap allow
you to keep all the small things in check. Easily access your batteries, audio monitors and phone, but definitely don’t forget about the chapstick, tissues and gum. You never know when you’ll need them.

Buckle Up

A quick-release Cobra buckle offers the strongest, most reliable and durable belt closure on the market. Known for its ability to withstand high load-bearing weights, you’ll find rock-solid strength to support yourself and your gear.