Stillframe Single

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Stillframe Single

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Sizing: Measure around the sternum for the most accurate fit.

Medium: 31-36 inches

Large: 36-40 inches

XL: 39-44 inches

2XL: 39-44+ inches (XL with extention belt)

Bad backs, sore necks and numb arms have met their match.

Built with the professional shooter in mind, the Stillframe is a modular handheld camera support harness that makes things infinitely more comfortable when the job runs long. 

By leveraging the weight of the camera using our patented elbow support unit, the Stillframe more evenly distributes the balance of the entire rig throughout your body, relieving the common pressure points and muscles that regularly wrench during typical operation. Simply put, you’ll be able to keep shooting for hours, without the fatigue we are all too familiar with the next day (or three). Stay ready, stay mobile, and feel good doing it. 

Thoughtfully designed by our in-house experts and thoroughly tested in the field, key features include:

  • Lightweight ballistic nylon construction for breathability, durability, and security.
  • Patented and fully adjustable single elbow support unit manufactured from custom molded nylon and locally machined steel.
  • Extendable steel hook on the outside of the elbow rest to hang the camera by its top handle and level with a screw adjustment and strap to fine-tune low shots. 
  • Sturdy automotive-grade vinyl padding at the elbow and shoulder.
  • Quick-release Cobra belt buckle to support high load-bearing weights.
  • Modular rear pouch to accommodate a hot/cold pouch or upcoming 2L hydration bladder.
  • Stretch front pockets on shoulder straps to stow smaller, must-have items. 
  • Spacious water-resistant nylon tote bag for extra essentials.