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Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Stillframe Support System

Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Stillframe Support System

In the realm of videography, achieving a steady, clean shot is paramount. Yet, it often comes at the cost of comfort. That's where Rigpacks steps in, introducing the revolutionary Stillframe handheld support system - a game-changer in the industry.

The Stillframe is meticulously designed to provide unparalleled support, ensuring you keep the shot without the accompanying physical strain. It features patented single or double elbow support rest, custom molded nylon, and locally machined steel parts for adjustable elbow rests. This design not only provides the support needed but adapts to different arm lengths, relieving muscle pressure built during normal operation.

But the Stillframe doesn't stop at just support. It's a blend of comfort and functionality. The breathable, lightweight ballistic nylon fabric construction makes the harness a dream to slip on and carry around, without compromising on sturdiness to safely haul all your gear.

And there's more to love about Stillframe. Its modular rear pouch offers a hot/cold pack to provide long-lasting warmth or a refreshing chill, a boon when shooting in extreme environments. Upcoming is a 2L neoprene bladder with an antimicrobial insulated hose to keep you hydrated as you focus on getting the perfect shot.

The Stillframe also caters to your little storage needs with stretch front pockets on each shoulder strap, allowing easy access to batteries, audio monitors, and your phone. This way, you keep all the small but essential items in check.

Moreover, the quick-release Cobra buckle is known for its high load-bearing strength, offering robust support for you and your gear.

Handmade in the US, the Stillframe is a testament to Rigpacks' commitment to quality, functionality, and user comfort.

Be among the first to elevate your shooting experience with the Stillframe. Say goodbye to the discomfort and distractions, and say hello to a new era of videography where you can focus solely on capturing the perfect shot. Check out the Stillframe in action on our website and be part of the community redefining comfort in videography.
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